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Asians helping Tohoku 2012 #S5


5 volunteers from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China and Taiwan joined volunteer activities in Tohoku from September 14th to 18th. They helped local people working in fishery at Ishinomaki city in Miyagi prefecture.

We are posting pictures on our facebook page.

◆PHUONG from Vietnam◆

Q:What impression did you have on Tohoku after 1.5 year of disaster?
Tohoku after 1.5 year is gradually restored.

Q:Please describe your experiences and tell us your reflection of them.
Actually, this is the second time I have a chance to join Tohoku volunteer program hold by ACC21 organization. Last year, 4 months after the tsunami, when the first time I visited there, mountain of damaged cars, bulks of rubbish, damaged houses, damaged building, damaged train station, damaged railway, all of them were anywhere around disaster areas. Our volunteer works last year were getting out huge fishing-nets from the forest beside the bay due to the tsunami brought them go over the shore; searching and recovering remained photos of local people in damaged houses; removing rubbish stacking on fishing-net. By efforts of many volunteer groups for one and haft year, this time those mentioned things are recovered. However, still the local people who lost their family loves in the tsunami are facing with many difficulties. That is why still many volunteer groups continue their helps and warm up them from sadness. A part of our works is to screw a hole in center of oyster shells for oyster farming; another is to sew fishing-net. Other groups help local people using computer, laptop because most of them are old people who don't know well about computer work nowadays. Local people kindly treated us fresh sashimi, fish hamburger, and many Japanese delicious foods on the last day we worked there. I really enjoy the delicious sashimi. During lunch times, we hear many stories of them about last year tsunami, how did they experience with the tsunami, and how did they stand in privation of electricity, gas, drinking water, foods in several months. We have a great time to know and be friend with local people and other volunteer groups.

Q: What did you learn from Tohoku and what would you like to suggest to your country people in case of natural disasters that might happen in your country?
Human still could not avoid some natural calamities such as tsunami, tornado, and there is no exception for any developed country like Japan. Local people around coastal areas should have awareness about how to face with tsunami in case it might happen. People from other areas should help them to overcome consequences after tsunami.

Q:Your message to the people of the world
Tohoku, never give up. Many people are ready to come and help restoring beautiful towns along the coast.

>>Message in Mother tongue (PDF)

◆ERANDA from Sri Lanka◆

Q:What impression did you have on Tohoku after 1.5 year of disaster?
As a foreigner, I feel it has gained a huge recover from the damage I saw in media. I could see that people have got better living conditions now and need more help to become normal as still less people living there.

Q:Please describe your experiences and tell us your reflection of them.
I am filling this form exactly one week after the program. I am still living in those memories and recalling them. It is that much of pleasure and satisfaction. The youngest man living that area was 34 years old (his same age other friend has left the village after Tsunami) and all other people are in their 50's and above. So they have no young blood to pick up the pace of recovering and reestablishing of their lives.
I engaged in making holes of shells and fishing nets. If we are not going to repair them they will have to buy them from Hokkaido at a higher price. Our works will gain it profits after about 3 years as those shells put as Oyster habitats and they needed to continue this never ending task throughout this year. Then they can use them the oyster egg laying season.

Q:What did you learn from Tohoku and what would you like to suggest to your country people in case of natural disasters that might happen in your country?
As tsunami can happen any time and any place in coastal area in our island, its better to make people be ready and equipped to that. Having workshops at least once a month and a gathering of people to have their ideas and suggestions. At the same time there should be a one specific safe place to each village to people go there in a disaster time.

Q:Your message to the people of the world
We will not live forever, but our contribution. The most precious times in our lives can't have alone.

◆RYUU from China◆


Q: 東北ボランティアでの経験とその感想を聞かせてください。

Q: 東北ボランティアから何を学びましたか。また、自然災害について貴方の国の人々に何を伝えたいですか。


>>Message in Mother tongue (PDF)

◆LOLLY from Taiwan◆

Q: 災害後1年半が経った東北の状況について、どのような印象を持ちましたか。

Q: 東北ボランティアでの経験とその感想を聞かせてください。

Q: 東北ボランティアから何を学びましたか。また、自然災害について貴方の国の人々に何を伝えたいですか。
今回のボランティア活動に参加するのは初めてですから、とても有意義 な活動だと思います。実際に東北地方に行って、助けてあげることに、様々な経験を得ました。特に被災地の皆様、互いに助けて、応援して、新しい生活を迎えたことがとても感動しました。更に、皆様共に地域の復興に向けて進みたいとういう強く気持ちが、留学生の私にとって、非常に学ぶ価値があると思います。

Q: 世界の人々へのメッセージ

>>Message in Mother tongue (PDF)