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For Japanese private companies seeking collaboration with Asian Grassroots Entrepreneurs

August 2017

 We, Asian Community Center 21 (ACC 21), have established relationships with many Asian grassroots entrepreneurs' support organizations, independently as ACC 21 or as the Secretariat of "Asian Community Trust (ACT)", a charitable (public) trust. Among them are organizations that serve for the income generation and empowerment of the poor and women, such as the CARD MRI of the Philippines, which will be further discussed later, with microfinance clients amounting to 4 million people and micro-insurance beneficiaries reaching to more than 12 million people that account for more than 10% of the total population of the Philippines.

 ACC 21 supports efforts towards achieving a set of 17 measurable development goals of the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" (SDGs) adopted at the "United Nations Sustainable Development Summit" in September 2015. In particular, we pay much attention to the fact that the World Bank holds the two major goals of 1)reducing extreme poverty to 3% or less of the global population by 2030, in connection with "End poverty in all its forms everywhere (Goal 1)" and 2) boosting shared prosperity: promoting consumption/income growth of the bottom 40% in every country in connection with "Reduce inequality within and among countries (Goal 10)".

 To achieve these goals, Japan is also expected to contribute because Japan has deep historical and economic ties with emerging/developing Asian countries. We have noticed the recent growing interest in BOP (Base of the Pyramid) business in Japan, targeting the poor in developing countries. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the poor have not always stayed at the bottom of society forever. We have witnessed that the poor started their business through the support of microfinance, and developed themselves from micro-entrepreneurs into small/medium size-entrepreneurs. In this process, entrepreneurs in developing countries seek for the most appropriate know-how and advice at each stage. As for Japanese private companies with interest in young human resources and variety of untapped resources in Asian countries, it is extremely important for them to find partners who are trustworthy and can liaise to help them expand their business opportunities in Asia.

 With long years of cooperative relationship with the core institutions of Asian countries that support the entrepreneurship of the poor, ACC 21 is determined to undertake the role of bridging the collaboration between motivated Japanese private companies, small and medium-sized companies in particular, and Asian grassroots entrepreneurs.
For example...

Impart the technology of your company with Asian grassroots entrepreneurs/Joint product development

*If a certain staff of your company have specialized skills such as product design and marketing, we can provide advice on how they can visit the target site/country as a volunteer leader which can lead to the business development for your company in the future.

With regards to the CARD MRI, ACC 21 has started mediating for Japanese private companies and CARD with the consent of both parties. For details, please click here.

The following are the outlines and characteristics of organizations that support local grassroots entrepreneurs that we can introduce for your business development in neighboring countries in Asia:

I. Target countries: Mainly the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia (We are also open to suggestions, as long as it is within our network.)

II. Characteristics of partner organization
  1. Having worked for many years on social development and rural development in their own country, possessing a wide network with local organization and administrative bodies.
  2. Supporting entrepreneurship and business promotion for the poor (mainly through microfinance and establishment of microfinance institutions)
  3. Supporting empowerment and social inclusion of women who are often considered to be of lower social status.
  4. Having a systematic plan to support the nurturing entrepreneurs, not only in terms of financial support, but also in terms of capacity building and marketing development.
  5. Taking efforts to respond to changes in approaches that are in line with new means and needs of the time, such as utilization of IT.
  6. Having a clear vision where in the poor become owners of enterprises and commit themselves to the business development based on local resources (including human resources, natural resources etc.)
We plan to increase the number of recipient organizations among the numerous leading organizations in Asia as soon as their consent is obtained Please regularly check our website for new information.

In addition, ACC 21 has provided consultation services for several large companies and has cooperated in developing pilot BOP business projects, as well as developing global human resources. Please feel free to consult us.

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