1.Channeling Funds to People in Need (Promoting the FLOW of Capital)

Asian Community Trust (ACT)

Imai Memorial Charitable Trust for Overseas Cooperation

J. Kawakami Memorial Trust

Community-based Pre-school Education in Cambodia

Promoting Microfinance

2.Building Collaborative Networks among People and Organizations
(Promoting the FLOW of People)

Promoting Collaborative Networks between Japanese and Philippine NGOs/CSOs

Promoting Partnership with other Asian NGOs

3.Sharing Knowledge and Information (Promoting the FLOW of Information)

Promoting Natural Farming in Asia

Issuing "ACC21 News" (Japanese monthly e-mail magazine)

Issuing "Asia Now" (Both English and Japanese reports from ACC21 correspondents)
(under preparation)

4.Advocating Reforms of Public Policies and Institutions for a Fair Society
(Promoting the FLOW of Reform of Policy and Institutions)

Policy Advocacy on Official Development Assistance

Raising Awareness of International Solidarity Levy

5.Human Resources Development to Enhance International Cooperation
(Developing People's Capacity to Promote the Four FLOWs)