Please join us and invite your friends to help Tohoku people recover and smile!

たくさんのご参加、ご協力、ありがとうございました【詳細 ⇒[活動概要・実績]  [活動の様子・レポート]

We finished the Tohoku volunteer program in 2012. Thank you for joining us.

Messages from the S8 volunteers

Date:2012.10.12-15 Site:Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture                           

CHANTHA from Cambodia

I would like to appeal to people around the world to either create or...

PHUONG from Vietnam

It is wonderful to take great experience at Tohoku and contribute...

NHUNG from Vietnam

To me, life is care and share. Modern life has made you busy...

Lisa from China


VIBOL from Cambodia


BANG from Vietnam

Tohoku's residents in particular and many people in the world still need help,

Messages from the MP volunteers

Date:2012.10.6-10.8 Site:Natori and Sendai in Miyagi prefecture                           

HNIN EI KYU from Myanmar


HSET HSET AUNG from Myanmar

Save our nature and don't be careless for any disaster gave by nature.

KIN from Myanmar


KHINE LAE WIN from Myanmar

Save our nature and don't be careless for any disaster gave by nature.

MOE MOE THANDAR from Myanmar

Helping to those people in disaster area is a kind action ever whether ...

NAING YE THU from Myanmar

All of us should protect our world. And we should...

PWINT WAH SOE from Myanma


YE NAING TUN from Myanmar

Be aware/alert of the natural disasters all the time!

HSUMONKYAW from Myanmar


Messages from the S7 volunteers

Date:2012.9.28-10.1 Site:Ishinomaki in Miyagi and Otsuchi in Iwate prefecture            >>日本語レポートはこちら

ESPIE from Philippines

The devastation of earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku is beyond our imagination...

GON from Vietnam


Dung from Vietnam


Diem from Vietnam

Lets come and see how Japanese people have recovered from the disaster...

SANDY from Philippines

After1.5 years, much remains to be done in Tohoku...

SUBHA from Malaysia

It is never too late to lend a helping hand to those in need...

VUTHA from Cambodia

Disaster occurred everywhere, only the strong internal mind can...

KI from China


Messages from the S6 volunteers

Date:2012.9.21-9.24 Site:Ishinomaki in Miyagi and Ofunato in Iwate prefecture                           

BEN from Indonesia



Help others in need. Even your action is insignificant...

MAI from Vietnam

Now is a difficult time for people in Tohoku. But I think...

KOKIN from China


TRAN from Vietnam


YOYO from Taiwan


NGUYEN from Vietnam


JINHO from Korea


CHEN from China

Japan has a good rebuilding after the earthquake. And I hope...

Messages from the S5 volunteers

Date:2012.9.14-9.18 Site:Ishinomaki and Tome in Miyagi prefecture                            >>日本語レポートはこちら

PHUONG from Vietnam

Tohoku, never give up. Many people are ready to...

ERANDA from Sri Lanka

We will not live forever, but our contribution. The most ...

RYUU from China


LOLLY from Taiwan


Messages from the S4 volunteers

Date:2012.9.7-9.10 Site:Ishinomaki and Tome in Miyagi prefecture                            >>日本語レポートはこちら

LONG from Vietnam


NANNAN from China


KAIN from Taiwan


SIEWPEY from Malaysia

Volunteer program is a great chance to experience how the people...

SAMANTHA from Malaysia

We should love and care of each other across the boundaries of races, religions and countries

CHAU from Vietnam

Japan is very resilient, but still they need help and encouragement!

DRAN from Vietnam


CUONG from Vietnam


Messages from the S3 volunteers

Date:2012.8.31-9.3 Site:Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture                                              

LUNHAI from China


KHANUN from Thailand

...we can change loss and sorrow into hope and creativities.

SINWUI from Malaysia

To Malaysian people, I would urge them to be more open to others, ...

KII from China


KHOA from Vietnam


SHIEN from China


Thanda from Myanmar

Be strong with positive attitude. A person's big asset is...

Messages from the L2 volunteers

Date:2012.8.27-9.3 Site:Ishinomaki and Tome in Miyagi prefecture                                    

LI from China

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we saw each other by one's nature and...

ANH from Vietnam


Beam from Thiland

What I have learned is that no matter what happens, life must go on.

Messages from the S2 volunteers

Date:2012.8.24-8.27 Site:Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture                                               >>日本語レポートはこちら

AKIKO from China


YED from Malaysia

...recovery from such terrifying tragedy certainly is not easy and takes time.

JIMMY from Taiwan


Messages from the S1 volunteers

Date:2012.8.17-8.20 Site:Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture                                               >>日本語レポートはこちら

DUNG from Vietnam

The disaster could be occurred anywhere at any time, ...

NANA from China

Don't afraid of the language barrier and make the first move, ...

BUGEN from Philippines

We can never be prepared for anything that will happen but ...

VISAL from Cambodia


CHIAN from Thailand


LEE from China


CHIAN from Thailand


BYE from Thailand

I encourage everyone to give and volunteer in any possible way they can.

GLADYS from Philippines

In the face of natural disasters, we, human beings, are all equal.

EUNPA from Korea


NGUYEN from Vietnam


Messages from the L1 volunteers

Date:2012.8.7-8.13 Site:Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture                                               >>日本語レポートはこちら

KEOH from Malaysia

Let's take some of our free time to help people who need our helps.

XIN from China


SON from China

Face to the natural disasters, the mankind is weak. We hold together and...

PHI from Vietnam

Volunteering in Tohoku is an experience that I will never forget.

CHANG from Malaysia

The people of Tohoku need you.

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